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Educational Robotics

Educational Robotics

Creative Education STEM | Robotics

Robotics is a different educational approach through which the child is called to discover the world of engineering and to combine it with the world of information technology.

This is an enjoyable training activity that you will find at EUROGNOSI Foreign Language Centers Filothei - Nea Ionia. Through a structured curriculum, children receive valuable supplies that support their school performance.


Using bricks, sensors and motors  compose their own mechanical constructions  and then, using a computer, give life to their construction, thus achieving their first steps in planning and algorithms.

The program is specially designed based on elementaty school children's age and through collaborative learning, this program aims to develop students' social skills and provide incentives to study and engage in science and technology with the sole limitation of it being children's imagination.

The student through the philosophy of STEM (Science  Technology  Engineering  Mathematics) learns to:



  Solve problems


  Have fun





Our classes are small and the duration of each course corresponds to one hour and thirty minutes. 

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