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School Study Lab

School Study

No more studying at home!

your children the free time they deserve!


School study lab in EUROGNOSI Filothei - Nea Ionia


Combine School Study Lab with English Language lessons and take advantage of our offer packages!


   Spacious rooms for a relaxing and enjoyable study

   Flexible schedules according to the needs of the modern family


  ✓ Controlled environment by experienced teachers

  Possibility of extending the student's stay

  Start classes immediately after school

  Personal computers for each student

  Daily 2-hour (+) preparation of lessons for the next day

  Friendly & pleasant  environment

  SpecialiSed teachers

  ✓ We operate all year round

Each student is supported individually and in groups while being guided in his study with the help of a personal computer provided by the center.

  • Parents can be informed electronically on a daily basis about the student's progress.

  • For all students regardless of their level.

  • For primary and middle school children.

  • Children excel with the quality of the EUROGNOSI GROUP

The focus is on the student

  • Students study based on their own rate of assimilation.

  • Students learn to think critically without the need to learn things by heart.

  • Students lay the right foundations and eliminate learning gaps for the next educational levels.

  • Students lead their own class and determine the time and the way in which they learn.

  • Students boosts their self-confidence in all subjects through daily self-assessment.

  • Students are able to calm down from studying at home, after returning read for the next day.

  • Students aim to develop their personal skills through their individual organisation in a team work environment.

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