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Foreign Languages for Children

English for kids

Foreign Languages for Children at EUROGNOSI!

At the EUROGNOSI Foreign Language Centers Filothei - Nea Ionia children learn Foreign Languages from a very young age in a real-life setting environment having a holistic approach to language learning. Starting English from the age of 3 children have the opportunity to start a 2nd foreign language at 8. They reach a B2 degree in English in the 1st class of Junior High School, a 2nd language degree in the 2nd class of Junior High School  and C2 in the 3rd class of Junior High School!  


Choose your child's second foreign language from French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

EUROGNOSI Books and Method in English!

Our little friends enjoy a magical journey through the adventures of Alf, the first series of EUROGNOSI children's books where fun and learning are harmoniously combined in the light of the most modern methodology.

Students gradually discover their language skills through a selection of exercises and activities that emphasise critical thinking.

All the above are achieved in EUROGNOSI Filothei - Nea Ionia with the Learn® Method.

The Learn® Method uses specialised educational tools such as interactive whiteboards, video / DVD clips, games, tablets and other activities to motivate the student to participate in learning. The Learn® Method offers:

  ✓. Transfer of living reality to the classroom

  Enrichment of the course with cultural elements

  Live contact with language and culture

Talkie Photo

Tap'n'Talk with Talkie

A new and unique educational tool that gives life to the words and dialogues contained in EUROGNOSI books!

Students press the talking pen on the words and hear them spoken by their favorite characters! They also have the ability to record themselves and get the perfect accent!

Now Alf, Hip and Hop and the whole company of books EUROGNOSIS turn reading at home into a magical experience!


*Valid for 4 levels

Tap‘n’Talk με τον Talkie και τον Alf - ΕΥΡΩΓΝΩΣΗ - 1η Δύναμη στις ξένες γλώσσες
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