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Computer Training

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Computer Training

With the hybrid e-learning platform by EUROGNOSI

Computer Training Offers

*Applies to participation in exams conducted EXCLUSIVELY at our centers

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What is our educational method?

The IT courses at the Foreign Language Centers EUROGNOSI Filothei - Nea Ionia vary with the aim of teaching a wide range of skills for the education and professional training of the trainees.


Online from your place
Education using a digital platform is a form of asynchronous education that succeeds in keeping the student's interest undiminished through specially designed interactive educational material. Each lesson is divided into specific sections and through self-assessment exercises, the student can check his progress.

Upon completion of the theoretical courses, the student is given the opportunity to properly prepare for the exam through mock tests and to repeat in areas where he/she is lacking or has difficulty. At all stages, he always has the help and supervision of the teacher at his disposal.


There is the possibility of training with a teacher, using a digital platform and/or both at the same time.

Tutored education includes curricula by age and level that are based on the essential knowledge and acquisition of skills in the use of computers and not just on simply learning to use the various applications and obtaining a certification.


The certifications we support are recognized by ASEP and thus by the public sector. They are also recognized by ESYD, which means that they are fully recognized internationally and in the private sector. In our centers you will find support for Unicert & ECDL certifications.

Where do we sit exams?

The EUROGNOSI Filothei center operates as an official examination center of the Unicert body. This enables the examinee to be in a familiar environment during the examination and to be able to have the highest possible performance.

What is the role of our teachers?

Our teachers are graduates of Universities, selected with strict criteria, trained in modern EuroLab® educational methods for both young and old students and are experts in recognized certifications in Greece. They check the progress of the students, help them to understand the practical exercises and contribute to the completion of a successful course of study with the acquisition of a degree.

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