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Foreign Languages  for Adults

Adult Student Studying

​Foreign Languages for Adults

With the innovative method of EUROGNOSI

Foreign Languages for Adults at EUROGNOSI!

Discover the power of words and share meanings by learning new languages that give you professional recognition and broaden your horizons. Choose the language that suits you from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

EUROGNOSI Filothei - Nea Ionia with its many years of experience specialises in teaching foreign languages to adults. That is why we offer a wide variety of foreign language programs  for adults at all levels, from Beginners to level C2 (Proficiency).


We are a specialised preparation center for certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC. Our departments are small and consist entirely of adult students. We offer fast-paced group and individual lessons.

Through the unique Experiential Learn® Method, adults learn the foreign language the same way they learnt their mother tongue, conquering the oral and written parts of it safely and comfortably. Foreign language courses  are offered in autumn, winter, spring and summer with the exception of August. Thanks to the flexibility of the study program, you can choose courses during the period and hours allowed by your professional or other obligations.


The Foreign Language Centers EUROGNOSI Filothei - Nea Ionia every year aim in the success and education of their students, and they have achieved this with perseverance, love and a lot of work. Our success rate for Cambridge degrees has been steady since 2015 at a rate of 100%!

EUROGNOSI is a certified Cambridge ESOL Examination Center and conducts examinations exclusively for its own students in luxurious spaces ensuring excellent conditions for their maximum performance.

Do not postpone it anymore! Learn the foreign language you want  with the confidence of the EUROGNOSI group that provides you with:

  Flexible  financial programs according to your needs and aspirations

  Small members  fast-paced sections

    Online and blended  lessons


    Lesson video so you can watch them when available

  High specialisation rate of our teachers

  Guaranteed  success

  Organised  and a pleasant teaching environment using new technologies

  Specialised  bibliography and customised material plans for each age

  Continuous  support from the principals and teachers of the tutoring center

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