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Our Method

Method LEARN®

The experiential Learn® method is the essence of 29 years of teaching by EUROGNOSIS using special educational tools such as interactive whiteboards, videos, educational games and other activities motivating the student to participate  in learning.
Our method offers the appropriate stimuli for the children to develop the capabilities and capacity of their mind, while at the same time teaching them to function ideally within the group and to develop their abilities.

At the Eurognosi Filothei - Nea Ionia over the years we have added to our language centers, modernised educational tools and techniques. Some of these are:

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

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The language is taught in parallel with other thematic units (eg Mathematics, History), so that the student has more interesting stimuli for the use of the foreign language but also acquires comprehensive knowledge about various sciences.

Task-based &
Project-based learning

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An approach where the student is called to understand, produce and communicate in a foreign language with an emphasis on the meaning of the language. This is achieved through various stimuli that come from the assignment of tasks and not through passive monitoring.

Digital Class

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Nowadays technology has a crucial role in the educational process and is a motivation for students. Our teachers are all familiar with the use of new technologies, which are an integral part of the course that is done in the most modern and scientific way. In our centers you have the ability to monitor your progress and/or your child electronically. You also have access to the course material and many other services through our online platform.

Language Fluency

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In our centers one of our main goals is for the student to gain comfort in using the foreign language. Thus, the entire learning process, as well as the breaks, take place through the foreign language and not through translation. In this way the student acquires the language and uses it without the need to process and convert from one language to another during its use.

Language Acquisition

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Our goal is the total acquisition of the language, and therefore its use in any environment. For this reason our team includes native speakers of the respective languages from different countries and regions where the specific language is used. In this way we provide our students with the opportunity to come into contact with a wide range of accents and idioms, so that in the future they can cope with any conditions they need to use the language.

Relaxation Techniques
(Yoga Balls)

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For the correct assimilation of the foreign language, a calm and receptive mental state is required. In our centers we use Pilates balls so that during the lesson, the student can channel their hyperactivity into something that will not distract them from the lesson.

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