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EUROGNOSI Filothei - Nea Ionia

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EUROGNOSI Filothei Nea Ionia
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In EUROGNOSI Filothei - Nea Ionia we believe in interactive education and because of this we always apply the most advanced experiential teaching methods .

Our strongest point is our people , who, with their unique personalities create an exceptional ensemble for the education of children and adults.


We started in 2003 with the establishment of our first foreign language center EUROGNOSI Filothei followed by the establishment of the Nea Ionia school in 2012.

Driven by our love for education combined with our will to innovate, every year we strive to offer services that lead our students quickly and efficiently to their goals.

A typical result of this effort is the fact that our centers, since 2015, have achieved 100% success in all levels of Cambridge exams.

The most fundamental components of this course are the people who make up our team - staff and teachers - combined with our love for education.

Our centers started as pure language centers. Over time, wanting to be able to meet the ever-increasing needs of the 21st century, we have evolved and starting with computer training, we have added a range of services at your disposal.

These services are:
Computer Training

School Study
Summer School
Educational Robotics


We Go Green!

Our centers being fully aware of the environmental crisis, have been pioneering for years
by adopting a low-waste policy. A fundamental part of this policy
is the non-distribution of leaflets and the use of recyclable - recycled consumables.

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